Edward H. Johnson, Jr. – Managing Member


Mr. Johnson in 2007 Mr. Johnson went in to the medical industry by founding and operating J&M Medical Sales. At J& M Medical he designed products worked with jobbers and distributers. Mr. Johnson started his career in the financial markets industry from 1979 to 1992 in many capacities as floor worker to trader, in 1992, Mr. Johnson went to work for Silver Web Corporation, a small private investment banking and trading firm. While there, Mr. Johnson gained experience in the financing of deals and business startups to start his own ventures MTB’s future.

William B. Leslie - CEO

Mr. Leslie has a track record of building companies from the ground up. In 1991, He founded Peregrine Press Corporation in Colorado. The company allowed the surrounding fast growing resorts, developments, hotels, real estate firms and large corporate sponsoring companies of major events a source of advertising from design to print. This thought process allowed him to produce many mountain resort magazines and eventually helped produce magazine aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise lines and others. In 1998, he sold that company and moved back to Chicago to become a Senior Sales Director of call center telephony and newly developed internet chat software and hardware. Adviser at eShare and served as a consultant for the sale and acquisition of eShare to Divine Interventures. Divine Interventures had been at the time buying over 50 firms in the internet industry. Mr. Leslie had been assisting in the transition and training to tie the companies together. After that transaction, he started a real estate company in 2001, New View Realty, and developed a forward thinking internet sales plan including a state of the art website. The success of that internet presence helped generate its first six months sales just of internet leads of $4M to over $25M in 2008. Developed a plan to get ahead of the market swing and identify a new niche in short sales. Developed a process as a broker and consultant that priced properties and commercial properties to the benefit of both the bank and the current owner or prospective buyer and then negotiated with banks and attorneys to relieve at risk. Top 1% performing consultant nationwide out of 10,000 certified consultants and a performance rating consistently over 80%. Consulted for Bank of America, Chase, Freddie Mac, Litton, Ocwen, and Wells Fargo / Wachovia. He sold that company in 2010 and is now running the team at MedTech Bioscience.

Richard Knop, MD, PhD - Head of Research

Dr. Knop will initiate and manage all research concepts, patent applications, and product development. Dr. Knop is both a medical doctor trained in research and a PhD in medicinal chemistry. Dr. Knop was trained at the National Institutes of Health, his training and expertise in pharmaceutical sciences, clinical medicine, organic synthesis, molecular aspects of biologic processes, and correlative molecular imaging enables MTB to be well positioned to succeed. This background allows integrated diagnostic testing research in both pharmaceutical and specific disease related fields. Presently research and product development of this type is referred to as translational research. This research is a very high priority of the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and university based medical research centers. Dr. Knop’s working knowledge of the translational aspects of these multidisciplinary fields reflects active participation including four decades in university, hospital, and government sectors. He is a member in good standing of numerous research societies.

Robert F. Nussbaum, B.S.I.E., M.B.A. – Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Nussbaum has been a management consultant for more than forty years; specializing in the areas of production, finance and strategic planning. He has conducted economic impact analyses for federal and local governments as well as private industry. Mr. Nussbaum was Director of Financial Planning and Budgeting at the Regional Transportation Authority; managing a budget in excess of one billion dollars. Dr. Victor

Perez-Luna – Consultant - Illinois Institute of Technology Professor Pérez-Luna’s research interests are in the areas of surface chemistry, biosensors, biomaterials, hydrogels for biomedical applications, and nanotechnology.

Bruce Goldstein, M.B.A., C.P.A. – Consultant - Managing Director, Morris Anderson He received his MBA with honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a bachelor’s in accounting with honors from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. He is also a registered Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Illinois.

Advisory board:

Dr. James Kudrna

North Shore University Health Center Founder, Illinois Bone and Joint

Dr. Jason Washburn

Asst. Professor, Northwestern University Director, Center For Evidence Based Practice Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital

Dr. T. Celeste Napier

Rush University Medical Center, Director for Compulsive Behavior and Research and Recovery

Dr. Jim Mulshine

Assoc. Provost for Research, VP and Director, Rush University Medical Center

Donna Rockin

Knapp Entrepreneurship Center at IIT

Chris Dungan

Founder, Pack Pharmaceuticals

Description:  Proprietary, low-cost adhesive patch designed to be worn by user up to ten (10) days on the upper arm or back. One time application, tamper proof adhesive. Patch collects transdermal perspiration and constantly checks for presence of desired drug. Using a proprietary polymer hydrogel within the patch, the patch window changes color immediately in the presence of detected drug.


Simple, integrated, peel-off and wear patch design; easy to apply
Proprietary polymer detects only marker drug of choice
Design unaffected by normal wear. Patch window easily observed and read by untrained personnel.


Continuous, non-intrusive, discrete monitoring of detection drug of choice
Ease of use allows rapid integration into treatment designs.

Saves money over current assay; immediate results on site, no extended training.


 U.S. Application No. US2010/054109 title, composition, device and method for colorimetric detection of an analyte using imprinted polymers and photochromic switch molecules. Status: Issued

Patent applications in following nations
Canada No.281449
European No.1077136.7
Japan No.2012-536954
Brazil No.11 2012 010273 7

U.S. Application No. U.S. 2012/048511 title, nanocomposite polymers with optical properties. Status: Issued

U.S. Application No. U.S.61/715,994 Title, Spiropyran-based colorimetric detection
Status: provisional

 U.S. Application No. U.S.61/777,837 Title, Spiropyran-based colorimetric detection
Status: provisional

 U.S. Application No. U.S. 61/770,105 Article and method for detection of a drug in a liquid medium Status: provisional

 PCT Application No. PCT/US2015/0518
System and method for Adherence Marker Detection Status:


​​MTB Split Cup
Metformin Wellness Test
Reveal Patch

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MTB’s vision is to globally improve the quality of people’s lives by enhancing pharmaceutical and rehabilitation service impacts. Easy and simple color detection to the eye if exact molecules are present. Completely portable in any condition with no equipment or electronics needed.

 MTB’s mission is bring greater speed, affordability and results control to both the drug adherence, development and drug rehabilitation industries by the use of its proprietary patented biosensor products.
The Company has achieved significant achievements to date in basic research, design concepts, materials testing, beta product production, patent protection, regulatory affairs and clinical outreach programs. Work continues on product optimization, regulatory filings, manufacturing alliances and ongoing collaborative discussion with potential market-leading commercial partners. These include strategic discussions on additional, future application opportunities as well.

The Type II Diabetes Market

In 2016, Metformin HCI was the leading diabetes prescription dispensed in the United States and the World.

The Metformin Wellness Test will confirm patent is adhering to their prescription.

Diabetes is now a disease that affects 371 million people worldwide, and 187 million of them do not even know they have the disease, according to the 

International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Diabetes is currently among the top five
causes of death in most high-income countries and resulted in 4.6 million deaths globally in 2011. In the majority of cases of diabetes mellitus are type 2, and the greatest numbers of people with this disease are aged from 40 to 59 years.

More than 30 million people in the United States — almost 10 percent of the total population —have diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  By 2030, they expect 552 million people will have the disease.


In the U.S. alone, $174 billion was spent in 2007 to combat diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association.  In 2012, $471 billion was spent treating the disease, up $6 billion from 2011.


Description:  Low-cost plastic urine cup with lid; dual chamber design. One chamber coated with proprietary polymer used to detect presence of desired market drug compound used during clinical trials.

Second chamber retains remainder of original urine sample in a sterile environment for storage and further analysis if required. First polymer chamber separated completely from second chamber.

Unique dual chamber design tests urine sample immediately on site, providing an unequivocal yes or no answer by means of a very rapid color change.

Dual chamber design both tests sample and saves remaining sample.
Proprietary polymer detects only marker drug of choice used in trial
Standard external cup design and use  and low cost benefits.

Leverage polymer technology results without additional training or protocol disruption.

Ease of use allows rapid integration into current protocol designs.
Saves money over current assay; immediate results on site.